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What is an annual subscription to the Laval Virtual's Newsfeed?

Laval Virtual’s Business Intelligence Dpt. offers an annual subscription to VR/AR weekly newsfeeds.
These newsfeeds keep you updated on the week’s latest news from immersive technologies uses in various sectors.

You can choose one or several vertical VR/AR newsfeeds depending on the sector you are interested in.
An annual subscription is charged €250 (VAT excl.) per vertical sector for 50 weekly newsfeeds delivered per year (approx. 500 articles)

Laval Virtual's Newsfeed selects for you the best articles in VR/AR not to miss in the week.

Why should I buy the VR/AR vertical newsfeed?

  • Time Savings: Reduce your seek time up to 70%
  • Understanding: Better understand the economy, technology and societal contexts for your VR/AR projects
  • Benchmarking: Better know companies using immersive technologies
  • VR/AR Expertise: Get inspired with relevant use cases
  • Easy to deal with: Change the vertical sector you are monitoring with no extra cost. Simply inform us, no need to set up a new account.

You are a professional in Real Estate or AEC Industry, we gathered use cases from leading companies in these sectors in our VR/AR special Edition. A full 128 pages magazine.
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Available end of March 2019